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Delistix Perfection for Small Parrots


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Delistix Perfection treat bars for Small Parrots

Deli Stix are a treat unlike any other, made with whole natural food, combined with our veterinary formulated pellets and enriched with vitamins and minerals.
What makes Deli Stix unique?
* Made with fresh, Australian ingredients AND nutrient enriched pellets
* Encourages natural foraging behaviour and adds variety to the diet
* Developed and recommended by exotic animal veterinarians
Simple. Fresh. Honest. Vetafarm’s delicious Blueberry Pellet formula with Australian millet, canary seed, select seasonal fruits, peanut chips and a tiny pinch of Grey Stripe Sunflower Seed.
Small Parrot Perfection is sure to be a big hit with all small birds.
Loved By: All species of parrots, in particular smaller species such as Budgerigars, Cockatiels etc

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