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Why play is important for your pet bird

For most of us, cage time for our feathered friends is unavoidable.  We can however take steps to make their cage as interesting and entertaining as possible. 

An active environment is important in keeping our birds happy and healthy.  Playtime is vital for both the physical and emotional health of our feathered friends.  Play stimulates their mind and coordination skills.  Without adequate stimulation birds can become depressed and may begin to exhibit negative or abnormal behaviors such as screaming, feather plucking, self-mutilation or biting. 

Toys help to prevent boredom and keep your bird’s mind stimulated.  A variety of different bird toys will ensure your bird’s physical and mental needs are being met.  Providing your bird with a variety of different toys will help to ensure your bird is happy, healthy and well occupied. 

For the health and safety of your bird always remember to choose toys that are appropriate for their size.  Toys that are suitable for small birds may not be suitable for a large bird and toys that are suitable for a large bird may not be suitable for a small bird. 

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