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About Us

Parrotbox specialises in high quality products for your feathered family members. From the smallest Parakeets to the largest Parrots, we've got you covered!

In addition to being able to purchase everything from bird toys and cage accessories to parrot food and perches from our online store you can also grab your feathered friend their very own Parrotbox – Australia's first gift box and subscription service for your feathered friends.

We stock a huge assortment of products including a range of all natural products for your feathered family members.  We source our quality products from reputable wholesalers to bring you trusted brands such as Vetafarm, Planet Pleasures, Pet Accessories and Kazoo Pet to name but a few. 

We ensure that any food products and edible treats are manufactured only in Australia with locally grown product and we are always looking for new Australian manufacturers and wholesalers to work with.

Parrotbox is also the Australian distributor for the Sweet Feet and Beak range of products manufactured in the United States. If you're a retail store and would like to know more, please contact us for further information.

If you have any questions or would like to know more then please contact us at