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Foraging for Parrots

In their natural environment, parrots spend up to 70% of their day foraging and working for their food.  As companion parrots, they generally have the majority of their food presented to them in bowls. 

When birds are kept in captivity they can become bored very easily, particularly when they are home alone.   By incorporating some foraging toys and activities in your parrot’s cage you can provide stimulation and enrichment in your parrot’s daily life.

Foraging encourages mental and physical activity.   Foraging reduces long periods of boredom and inactivity which can be a precursor to behavior such as feather plucking and screaming.  Foraging products are created for pet birds to help them stay mentally and physically active.

We always endeavor to include foraging toys in our Parrotbox gift boxes and monthly subscription boxes. 

Follow this link to check out our range of foraging toys for your feathered friends -

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