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Sweet Feet & Beak

 Sweet Feet & Beak Thermal-Lite Naturals Perch features a unique flared disc on the mounting end for the perfect beak "manicure." Clever conditioning bird perch further pampers your pet with nature-inspired perching surface that keeps nails trimmed while exercising legs and feet.

Install Sweet Feet & Beak Thermal-Lite Naturals Perch to give your bird an "in-cage" spa treatment! Nontoxic lightweight concrete bird perch maintains room temperature for added comfort. Clean easily with soap and water. Includes mounting hardware. Assorted colors.

  • Will keep your bird's feet and beak healthy and make your bird a healthier pet
  • Natural Thermal-Lite design
  • Will keep your bird happier and more secure
  • Color is not painted on surface
  • Nontoxic and safe for your birds
  • No sanded surfaces to harm feet
  • Cleans easily with soap & water
  • Variety of colors to match your pet's environment

Made in the USA..


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