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Aristopet Stop Pick Spray 125ML - Was $13.98 now $9.75!!!

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Aristopet Stop Pick Spray 125ML - Was $13.98 now $9.75!!!  While stocks last.  Limited stock available.

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray for Caged Birds is a bitter tasting substance to aid in the control and treatment of feather picking in Parrots and other Ornamental caged and aviary birds. 

Feather picking can be the result of many underlying causes such as nutritional deficiencies, parasites, bacterial, fungal or viral infections, psychogenic problems such as boredom, stress, sexual frustration. Underlying causes must be addressed to eliminate the problem fully. If problems persist, please consult an avian veterinarian.

Active Constituents: 100mg/L Denatonium Benzoate

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