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Back in Stock ~ Sweet Feet and Beak Tweeter Totter Rockers and Baby Weaning Stands!!!

Parrotbox Sweet Feet & Beak Toys

Sweet Feet and Beak Tweeter Totter Rockers and Baby Weaning Stands are now back in stock!!!

The fun-filled Tweeter Totter Rockers promote exercise, mental and visual stimulation while trimming your bird's nails and beak. The Tweeter Totter Rockers are constructed from durable acrylic sides with textured and contoured pedicure perches bolted to the sides.  The Tweeter Totter Rockers come in a range of sizes and suit birds of all sizes - from small birds such as conures and cockatiels to larger birds such as Amazons and macaws.  

The Baby Weaning Stands are perfect for birds who love to sit on your counter tops!  Your bird can trim their nails and beak at the same time as looking majestic on these baby weaning stands. The stand surface stimulates leg muscles and helps to keep your bird's feet and beak in a healthy state of trim. Available in sizes from extra-small to large to suit birds of all sizes.

These products are made in the USA and are available now from

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