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Clicker Training for Birds

Behaviour Biting Training Treats

Clicker training is considered to be one of the most positive and efficient ways of training animals of all speciesClicker training is a popular method for taming and training parrots and is effective on everything from little budgies and cockatiels to cockatoos and macaws.

Clicker training is cheap, easy and fun and yields fast results.  The basis of Clicker training is positive reinforcement.  Clicker training reinforces ‘good’ behaviour by using rewards.  The reward is the bird’s motivation for performing the desired behavior.  The clicker is used to let the bird know that what it has done is correct.  Clicker training can be used to help solve behavioural problems like screaming or biting.

To Clicker train your bird you will need a Clicker and some healthy, tasty treats.  Our Parrot Treat food makes a great reward for Clicker training

If you’re unfamiliar with Clicker training, Parrotbox offers a Clicker Training Kit for Birds here:

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