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Coming Soon!!!! - New Product Range from Sweet Feet and Beak

Coming soon to Parrotbox is an extensive range of products from Sweet Feet and Beak.  From the USA and well-known for their patented pedicure perches, Sweet Feet and Beak have been providing award winning, high quality bird products to the pet industry for over 25 years.

Some of the new products we are excited to introduce include:

Tweeter Totter Rockers - These fun-filled Tweeter Totter Rockers promote exercise, mental agility and visual stimulation while trimming your bird's nails and beak. Constructed of durable plastic sides with textured and contoured pedicure perches bolted to the sides. Brightly colored hanging toys entice your bird to peck and play while rocking.

Thermal-Lite Natural Perches - Made from natural products and with a focus on the health of your bird these Thermal-Lite Perches help to eliminate sharp nails, condition beaks and stimulates leg muscles and healthy feet.

Safety Perches - These Safety Concrete Perches are made with your bird's feet in mind.  Rough textured on the sides to keep your bird's nails trimmed, yet the top of the perches are smooth to prevent sore feet from sitting on rough concrete too much.

Safety Pumice Perches - Feature real pumice on the sides to trim claws and condition beaks. The textured plastic base your bird stands on has irregular shapes to massage feet. Diameter varies, too, like a real tree branch. 

Super Shredder Balls - Jute net balls stuffed full of colorful shredded paper and filled with foraging fun. Your bird will be kept busy for weeks foraging for the hidden treasures inside.

Can-O-Nuts - These unbreakable plastic containers can be stuffed with peanuts, or other items to keep your pet busy for hours. 

Foraging Feeders - Make your bird's natural instinct to forage extra fun with these colourful indestructible plastic foraging cups. Your birds will look forward to a fun mealtime when each meal becomes an adventure. Easy to hang with provided quick link.

Shred Masters - These toys are for birds that love to shred paper! It has a large roll of paper that is spring loaded to keep the paper from rolling out too fast.

Stay tuned for more information.  Wholesale enquiries welcomed.

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