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Did you know your birds need calcium too?

Did you know that like humans, birds also require calcium to maintain their health? 

Calcium is important to birds as it assists in maintaining a healthy skeletal structure.  Calcium facilitates the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. Calcium is also required for blood to clot in wounds. 

Calcium is particularly important during the breeding season. Without sufficient calcium, birds may not lay as many eggs as normal. Egg-laying females need calcium to help form strong eggshells. 

Calcium is also an important requirement for growing chicks. Chicks need calcium to help form strong bones. Chicks that do not get enough calcium may develop skeletal abnormalities. 

In nature birds seek calcium from other sources e.g. animal bones, egg shells from other birds or mineral deposits in dirt. 

Pet birds easily can become deficient in calcium. 

Parrotbox recommends supplementing your bird’s diet with Calcivet by Vetafarm. Calcivet has been formulated to supplement the diet of caged birds where levels may be low in calcium and vitamin D3. 

Calcivet is a liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for addition to water, soft foods or for direct administration in times of emergency in birds. 

Calcivet is available now from Parrotbox Pet Supplies in 50ml ( and 100ml ( sizes.

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