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Does your bird have Scaly Face Mite?

Scaly Face Mite is a parasitic skin condition which most commonly effects budgies, canaries and finches.

Scaly face is most commonly caused by Knemidokoptes which are eight-legged microscopic mites.

The mites burrow in the non-feathered areas around the cere (the fleshy area above the beak), beak and eyes. The mites may also affect the vent and legs (scaly legs).  

Knemidokoptes are highly contagious.  As such, if one bird has been infected, all birds that have come in contact with that bird will need to be treated.

Damage to the tissue caused by the mites can be very painful. If left untreated, Scaly Face Mite can cause severe deformity of the bird’s beak.

For treatment of Scaly Face Mite, Parrotbox Pet Supplies recommends Vetafarm’s Avimec. To treat your bird, add two drops (1 drop for smaller birds) on the bird, parting the feathers so you can apply directly to the skin. Apply once per week for three weeks, with full recovery taking up to six weeks. Purchase Vetafarm’s Avimec now by clicking on the following link:

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