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February Frenzy: Treat Your Feathered Friends with 10% Off Bird Food and Treats!

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Spread the love this February with our February Frenzy promotion! Indulge your feathered friend this month with delicious treats and nutritious food while enjoying an exclusive 10% discount!

Parrotbox has everything your feathered friend needs to stay happy and healthy.  Now is the perfect time to stock up on essentials and treats to keep your bird singing (or squawking) with joy!

We offer a wide range of premium bird food crafted from the finest ingredients to meet the dietary needs of different bird species. From seed blends to pellet formulas, we have something to satisfy even the most discerning beaks.

We have a diverse selection of food and treats to cater to your bird's tastes and dietary requirements. Explore our range of products and discover new favorites that will keep your feathered friend happy and entertained.

Treat your bird to something special today and join the February Frenzy fun!  Discount applied automatically at checkout.  Offer ends midnight AEST 15 February 2024.  


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