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Foot Toys for Your Bird

Parrots have what are known as Zygodactyl feet, meaning the first and fourth toes of each foot face backwards and their second and third toes face forward. This arrangement of toes allows for greater proficiency in climbing and perching and grabbing and maneuvering objects like food and toys. 

Foot toys are popular with parrots that like to hold food and objects with one foot. Foot toys are designed for your parrot to hold easily so they can enjoy chewing on it with their beak. Providing foot toys for your parrot encourages good foot dexterity, balance and strength; and not to mention hours of fun!

Parrotbox Pet Supplies offers a large range of foot toys for your bird. Head to to check out our full range. Don't forget Parrotbox offers free delivery Australia wide on all orders of over $50.

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