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Have you seen our range of Avian Fashions Featherwear?

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Have you seen our large range of Avian Fashions Featherwear?  Avian Fashions is dedicated to helping pet bird lovers spend quality time with their feathered friends. 


FlightSuits™ have changed the bird industry, allowing more time for pet birds to be out of the cage to spend time with you in and out of the home. After all, spending quality bonding time is vital to your bird's overall health and well-being.

FlightSuits™ are cleverly designed, soft, stretchy, breathable & reusable pet bird diapers.  They allow your feathered friends more out-of-cage time - both indoors and out - without the worry of messy & embarrassing poop accidents.  Use the optional Lanyard (for small to medium-sized birds - sizes 3 to 6) or AnchorLine (for larger birds - sizes 7 to 15) to keep your bird close to you & prevent dangerous fly-aways. 

The FlightSuits™ are easy to put on and take off with velcro fasteners and are ideal for travel.  The patented poop-pouch safely keeps droppings away from your bird and you.

The unique, patented poop-pouch is a soft, V-shaped extension at the end of the FlightSuit™.  It catches the bird's waste as it lands, capitalizing on what is characteristic of bird poop - that it adheres to whatever it lands on - in this case, the disposable FlightLiner.  The upper part of the pouch lets it sit away from the body & protect the bird from further contact with the droppings.  It is a simple concept designed with precise specifications to work properly for each species of bird.

Flight Suit Liners

Extend your FlightSuit™ "stay-time" between changing and keep your FlightSuit™ clean with our disposable 100% cotton FlightLiners.


Dress your bird up in a sporty & fun style in an Avian Fashions’ Hoodie. Fashioned after human wear, your bird can now reflect a low key vibe with their very own sporty attire. Made of top-quality and comfortable knit, Avian Fashions' Hoodies are designed to keep your bird safe, warm and stylish. Each Full Size Hoodie comes with lanyard ties and colourful beads which will entertain and fascinate your bird. The functional pass-through pocket on the front is perfect for hiding special treats. The Full Size Hoodie will accommodate larger birds and it must fit over your bird's head in order to wear. The Mid Size Hoodie features a pocket and hood, however, due to weight, the Mid Size Hoodies don't have the beaded lanyards. The Junior Size Hoodie is designed for smaller birds and features a snap closure.


Our range of Birdie Bandanas offer a great way for your bird to show a little style for trips around town or just to be the center of attention.

The Bandanas feature elasticized cording and a toggle bead for easy on and easy off.

Clothing for Pluckers

Avian Fashions' also offer a line of products to help birds that pick and pluck their feathers.   

The DIY Poncho is designed for birds that pluck the tops of their wings or it can be worn in conjunction with one of the Feather Protectors for overall coverage.

Poncho design and colour may differ from pictured dependent on your bird's size. 

It is recommended that birds need at least 3-5 days of conditioning time before wearing a product from Avian Fashions and that birds should be supervised at all times.

Please note, due to strict health policies, Parrotbox cannot offer refunds or exchanges on hoodies, clothing, bandanas, flight suits, ponchos and feather protectors.

Check out our full range of Avian Fashions products now at

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