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New Product Alert!!! Vetafarm Parrot B-Calm: Stress & Anxiety Relief In a Complete Diet

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Does your pet parrot exhibit signs of stress and anxiety?  Signs of stress and anxiety in birds can include biting, screaming, feather picking, decreased appetite, self-mutilation, aggression and exhibiting fearful behaviours like hiding and shaking, amongst others.

Parrotbox is now stocking Vetafarm's brand new companion parrot diet formulated to aid in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Parrot B-Calm uses the natural actives L-Tryptophan (an essential amino acid) and Thiamine (Vitamin B1) for a non-drowsy, non-sedative formula designed to provide complete nutrition for your bird at the same time. With a yummy blueberry flavour, Parrot B-Calm is balanced with Australian whole grains, vitamins, minerals and turmeric to support your bird's health and well-being.

Parrot B-Calm helps with stabilisation of mood, appetite, memory, and social behaviours.

Available in 350g and 2kg.

For further information in relation to Parrot B-Calm head to Vetafarm's website:

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  • Amanda on

    I just wanted to share, I heard about this product from this very post not long after you posted it. We have an 18yo green cheek (Pippin) who came to us at 1yo a bit on the anxious side. Then a few years ago she started plucking her legs, chest and underwings. Even though we identified the problem and accommodated her ongoing anxiety as best we could, once she started she never stopped. We tried a LOT of different strategies and products over the time since and nothing ever helped.

    But this stuff did. Almost immediately. Because Pippin was in the process of starting a moult when we introduced it to her, we saw in real time the impact. Within a week she’d stopped pulling out old feathers and new ones were growing in undamaged. Now, she only has a small, 10c-sized spot under a wing where she’ll have to wait until her next lot of regrowth to be fully feathered for the first time in years. She’s also been more calm with her behaviour and less prone to nipping, which had always been an issue with her. The new feathers look lovely and healthy, but mostly I’m just stoked that the B-Calm is helping her.

    Now, it did nothing for my male eclectus’ hormonal behaviour, but one can’t fix everything, lol! That said, there must be something really attractive in the flavour because Pippin very quickly started eating around her old pellets just to eat these ones (we mixed them in case she rejected them at first, but now she eats just these and veggies/sprouts), and the eclectus goes nuts when he sees the purple bag. So he still gets a wee handful with his sprouts (encourages him to forage, we figure! And getting him to eat his veggies is like pulling teeth, so whatever works).

    So thanks for bringing this product to our attention, it’s been life changing for Pippin!

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