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seedmate no mess bird feeder small

Seedmate - Small


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SeedMate Bird Feeder – the ultimate solution to minimize mess and food waste caused by your feathered companions.

Compact dimensions measuring 140mm x 130mm x 130mm make it ideal for various bird species including Lorikeets, Canaries, Conures, Finches, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks, Budgies, and more.

The SeedMate Bird Feeder revolutionizes feeding time by containing your bird's food, thereby keeping the cage clean and allowing you more quality time to bond and play with your bird, instead of constantly cleaning up after them.

Crafted from premium-quality, food-grade acrylic, the SeedMate Bird Feeder boasts exceptional durability and has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure your bird's comfort, efficient mess containment, and user-friendliness.

Key Features:

  • Economizes on food expenses.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Effortless to clean.
  • Simple installation and removal process.
  • Easy to fill and empty with your bird's favorite food.
  • Can be attached inside or outside the cage.
  • Equipped with a built-in, slip-resistant perch for added comfort.


  1. Attach the hook screws to the front or back of your SeedMate Bird Feeder, depending on your preference for internal or external mounting.
  2. Fill the hopper at the back of the SeedMate Bird Feeder through the main opening with your bird’s preferred food.
  3. Hook the filled SeedMate Bird Feeder onto any horizontal bar within your bird cage, either externally over an open feed door or internally in a convenient location.


  • Clean with warm water (not hot) and a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Ensure thorough drying before replenishing with fresh food.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher use.

Experience the ultimate convenience with the SeedMate Bird Feeder, saving you both time in cleaning and wasted food, while enhancing the well-being of your feathered friend.

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