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Avian Fashions Lanyard - Red

Avian Fashions Lanyard - Red


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With the Avian Fashion’s FlightSuit and Leash, it's easier than ever to spend more time with your bird outside the cage - take your bird for a walk, visit the pet shop, or just enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of a "fly-away."
Each leash features a Velcro tab which attaches to the back closure of the FlightSuit; they are safe and non-invasive for your bird. Offered in three different styles (see size chart below), the Avian Fashion’s leash comes in a wide range of colors to compliment every FlightSuit.

The Leashette is lightweight and designed for small birds. Fits size Petite and X-Small FlightSuits.

The Lanyard is designed for medium sized birds and fits FlightSuits from Jr. Small to Large (Approx. 90cm)

The Anchorline is stronger and heavier than the Lanyard (4 feet long), ideal for larger birds. Fits size Wide to Colossal. PLEASE NOTE: For larger birds, it is important that you keep your bird's wings clips when using the Anchorline. If wings are not clipped, we recommend an alternative product such as the Aviator Harness

Please Note: You will require a FlightSuit to use any of the above leashes.

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