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Avicare Cage Cleaning Concentrate 100ML

Avicare Cage Cleaning Concentrate 100ML


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Avicare Cage Cleaning Concentrate 100ML

Recommended for: Use as a safe and effective disinfectant cleanser for all situations that require a high level of hygiene, such as brooders, incubators, hospital cages and for disinfection of equipment.

Key features: Hospital B Grade disinfectant. Instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. Is effective in up to 20% organic matter – perfect for disinfection in dirty situations.

Directions: Dilute with water 1:50 prior to use. (example 20ml / Litre)

Concentrate available in 100mL, 500ml, 5L  & 25L.

Ready to use available in 500mL Spray Pack.

Expiry: 3 years from date of manufacture.

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