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parrotbox pets large bird toy

Birdie Jumbo Block 16 Arm Bead and Rod Toy


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The Birdie Jumbo Block With 16 Arm Bead & Rod will bring happiness to your pet birds. 16 rope arms threaded with blocks and beads provide plenty of fun for your bird.

This is a huge toy, hanging 65 CM long x 20 CM wide

This bird toy has a durable construction with fun interactive features, this toy will keep your birds active and entertained. Relieves stress and boredom, while providing aesthetic appeal to your bird's home.

  • Provides mental and physical stimulation to keep your beloved pets from being bored.
  • Multi-coloured motif that can complement the design of your bird's home.
  • Wooden blocks, beads & rod ornaments to encourage your pet birds to swing on the toy.

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