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bird climbing net, parrot net, sisal bird climbing net

Cargo Net 90cm x 90cm


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Measuring 90CM x 90CM, this large climbing net will impress any bird.

Constructed from heavy duty bird safe sisal, the large climbing net is perfect for the smallest to largest of birds.

Parrots naturally love to climb, and nets provide an enriching environment that simulates a natural habitat and can offer hours of fun and exercise. When foraging toys and swings are used along with climbing ropes, parrots and small birds will instinctively climb, forage and play.

Canopy climbing nets for birds can be accessorized to create an “outdoor” feel by adding leaves, branches, toys, and treats. Parrots, as well as smaller birds, will also find the texture of the rope very enriching. Your bird can climb, forage, and play all the while exercising their mind and body. When suspended horizontally, disabled birds can also participate in climbing rope play because the rope grid will provide a secure footing, making your parrot feel safe.

Net comes with TWO quick links only, if more are required we have these in our accessories section.

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