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Foraging Buffet Box - Cage Mounted

Foraging Buffet Box - Cage Mounted


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This beginner level cage mounted foraging device will introduce your parrot to the concept of foraging for their food.

Parrots are naturally inquisitive and will make their way into the chipboard box and thru the honeycomb panels to retrieve food items hidden within

The tray underneath the foraging box will collect fallen pieces of food and reduce mess and wastage on the floor.

Your bird will be able to access all six sides of the foraging house from their cage.

Tray and kabob are dishwasher safe

Includes a supply of 4 replacement chipboard boxes

Use the kabob without a box and slide pieces of your birds favourite fruits over the stainless steel rod.

Foraging feeder measures 14cm x 15cm x 15cm

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