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Four Big Drawers


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Four Big Drawers bird foraging system.

Use your imagination with the Four Big Drawers parrot foraging system and keep your bird challenged for hours!  Mount the Four Big Drawers from the outside of your bird's cage to keep him entertained.  Virtually indestructible polycarbonate drawers are a great place to hide your bird's favorite treats, foods, or toys for your bird to search out and enjoy. 

Simply slide out the drawer, fill, slide back in, and watch your bird forage for their favorite treats.  You bird will learn to slide each drawer open by the handle, which will help alleviate cage boredom and the negative behaviors associated with it. 

Each clear drawer measures 7cm x 7cm and features a bottom screw-in "lock" that prevents full removal by your bird, but lets you remove the drawer for filling and cleaning.  Just fill the clear drawers with your bird's favorite treat, toy, or food and watch the fun!! 

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