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Keeping Pet Chickens

Keeping Pet Chickens


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You are what you eat! When it comes to eggs, what could be better than walking to the bottom of your garden and collecting them daily courtesy of your own chickens? Food doesn't come fresher than this, and the great news is that keeping two or three chickens is really easy.

You don't need farmland or lots of special equipment; today's exciting generation of chicken houses means that anyone with a bit of space - a garden, terrace, or simple backyard - can keep chickens. And the added bonus is that chickens make great pets. Low-maintenance and easy-going, provided they are regularly fed and watered chickens virtually look after themselves. No need to take them for a walk, and they come with a lifetime's supply of free eggs.

This brilliant new guide to chicken keeping shows just how simple it is to enjoy the pleasure of keeping poultry. It's fun and it's rewarding - so get the chicken habit!

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