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Shower and Window Perch - Sandy Large


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Shower and Window Perch - Pollys Large

Showers are an important and essential part of their daily activities.This perch can give your bird back the thrill of the tropical rainforest in your shower.

The oversize suction cups will stick to any non porous surface.

Made in the USA and suitable for all medium to large sized birds. 

Foldable sand perch for travel or easy storage. 

You can even hang your birds favorite toy from the eyelet at the end of the perch.

Window: Natural sunlight is essential for your birds health
Your bird enjoys watching outdoor activities or nature viewing
Sunlight brings out the natural beauty of your birds feathers

Shower: Now your shower can be a tropical rain forest
Water is necessary to maintain a healthy coat of feathers
Discover this secret an make your bird's feathers shine

Car: Travel with your feathered friend
Vacation, work or pleasure, your bird will love you

Mirror-TV-kitchen an any smooth surface
your bird can identify and interact with his reflection
Spend quality time with your pet bird

Perch dimensions: 360mm x 38mm

Made in the USA


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