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Sola Atta Ball Medium

Sola Atta Ball Medium


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Sola Atta Balls.

Unlike harder woods or materials, the Sola Atta Balls provide easy chewing and pecking for older birds or those with beak handicaps. Softer than yucca or balsa wood, the chew ball is fun for gentle, non-aggressive birds who shy away from other toys.

Sola Atta Balls are most suitable for small to medium birds, as large birds may destroy them within minutes!

Why is the Sola Plant Used? The Shola or Sola Pith Plant, the Aeschynomene Aspera is a flowering plant in the Fabaceae family. One of the most lightweight woods in the world, sola has the density of polystyrene and has a corky texture. The Sola Atta Ball is made using the soft tissue found in the stems of the plant.

Ball diameter - 6cm approximately

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