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Thermal-Lite Natural Perch X-Large


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Made in USA, our Thermal-Lite™ perches have been approved by pet owners, veterinarians, and bird breeders worldwide.  They have found it to help trim nails, stimulate leg muscles and promote healthy feet. This is not your normal perch.  It has a unique beak conditioner (the large ring) which helps keep the bird’s beak in a naturally healthy state of trim and also simulate activity in the wild.  And what you cannot see is that it is not made with normal stone aggregate.  Only Sweet Feet and Beak use a special Thermal-lite™ aggregate that is much finer and lighter than normal materials.  This makes the perch much lighter for you and your cage.  

  • Keep your bird’s feet, nails and beak healthy
  • Thermal-lite™ makes perch much lighter than normal materials
  • Color is throughout and not painted on
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Handmade in the USA

For use with Cockatoos and Macaws, and other similar size birds

 Perching Area 5cm x 43cm

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