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Get 10% off of all Featherwear until 31 June!!!

Avian Fashions Clothing hoodie Promotion

Get 10% off of our full range of Featherwear until 31 June!

Are you looking to style up your bird with a cool new Hoodie, Bandana or Flight Suit, or just looking for an option for those birds that like to pluck their feathers? 

Our range of Featherwear has got you covered. Dress your bird in a tux for those special occasions or just grab a Hoodie and Bandanas for those weekend Bunnings trips. If your bird is a plucker or over preener, why not try one of our Mild Picker Feather Protectors or Ponchos.

Don't forget for those birds that like to poop everywhere, you can set them up with a Flight Suit and Liners to avoid those messy situations.

Anchor lines, Lanyards and Leashettes are available for all Flight Suits for those outdoor trips.

Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.  

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